Liability for Delay, Damage or Loss

CTT provides EMS in accordance with “Regulations of EMS Public Service”. In case the entire item being delivered is lost or delay, then it is entitled to claim for indemnity according to “Approved Postage and Penalty Table for Postal Services”. Please contact our counter staff for further information.

However, the sender is not entitled to claim for any indemnity or have refund of postage under the following circumstances:

  • Delay or damage due to insufficient packing;
  • Delay due to Customs Clearance;
  • The sender’s untrue or unclear declarations on Customs manifest; failure to provide required documents as stated in import and export regulations of the related destinations, resulting in postal items being detained or confiscated by Customs;
  • Delay, damage or loss due to irresistible incidents, such as natural disaster, politics, strike and war;
  • Any of prohibited items (please refer to “Prohibited and Restricted Articles”);
  • Failure to provide required normal documents as stated in import and export regulations of the destinations, thereby causing the delivery of postal items being delayed or returned;
  • Delay due to the request for changing the name or address of the addressee, or being returned due to refusing to receive after delivering the postal items.
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